Be inspired to relax.  Escape to the tropics with a Sand Candle.

Sand Candles were born from a desire to capture and recreate the essence of a tropical beach paradise.  This unique candle design is a work of art and like no other candle on the market.  Through an innovative design and creative process, Sand Candles will ignite your senses.  From the sight of sand and shells to the fruity, luscious and calming scent of a tropical beach, each Sand Candle is crafted to help you daydream about an island oasis, reminisce about a past tropical getaway, inspire you to find time to relax, or simply warm you on a cold night. 

Just like a tropical beach, no two are exactly alike.  Sand Candles are handmade and make a great conversational decorative piece or home accessory and (if you must burn them), they make great candles too!

All Sand Candles are made in the USA with locally sourced materials and are shipped in a "Gift Ready" bag.  Gift one to yourself, a loved one, a friend, or all. 

Please note that Sand Candles are made with both gel and soy waxes.  The gel wax will naturally have bubbles and every candle will be different, some will have more, some will have less and each will have bubbles of different sizes.  This is what makes each Sand Candle unique.  Because of these bubbles, there is a possibility that some candles will develop additional bubbles in the gel wax during shipping.  Furthermore, these bubbles and other factors may cause the soy wax to pull away from the glass wall in spots.  While neither of these issues will affect the burnability of the candle, we do understand that the candle may be visually impacted thus reducing the visual appeal.  If you should receive a candle that is significantly impacted visually, please send a photo to us at: