Every Sand Candle is reviewed and evaluated in our quality control process and we only ship candles that meet the highest expectations.  Although there will circumstances where candles will be damaged in shipping, we trust that our shipping partners will take every step to ensure that candles arrive at their destinations exactly as they left our facility.  

All sales are final, returns are not accepted.  If you should experience a problem with your candle(s) upon arrival, please send us two photos (per damaged candle), one of the candle showing the damage and one of the box showing damage (if any) and document the issue and/or damage within 48 hours of delivery. We will review all claims and any candle(s) damaged in shipping or resulting from a manufacturing defect will be replaced with a similar or comparable (if similar is not available) candle.  Please email info@sandcandle.co and include your name and order number along with the two photos for each damaged candle.